SSL Certificates

SSL certificates from Sectigo are profitable and trusted by all browsers.

SSL Certificates from Sectigo

SSL Certificates secure the connection between a visitor's browser and for example a website. Data is sent securely, without the risk of being accessed by unauthorised third parties. SSL certificates are essential for safe communication on the internet.

SSL Certificaten van Sectigo Nederland
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SSL certificates are often used by web shops, online banking and other applications where confidential data is exchanged.

Every SSL certificate provides an encrypted connection. The certainty about who this connection was established with and its visibility differs per certificate type.

Validation levels

For a secure connection with a certificate trusted by all browsers. Prevents security warnings. Delivered cheaply and quickly.

For a secure connection and verified company data from the certificate holder

For a secure connection, verified company data of the certificate holder and check according to very strict guidelines. Shows the company name in the browser bar within one mouse click. Gives extra trust, especially important for websites with transactions in order to increase revenue.